Uberkate is… the spirit of relationships… connecting families, friends and loved ones through personalised handmade jewellery.

Uberkate reflects people’s desire to wear their loved ones with them. The company was founded in 2004 by designer Kate Sutton, who wanted to create unique, personalised jewellery that connect families, friends and loved ones.

Uberkate was launched with a signature piece the Ubercircle, which symbolises the endless flow of love between those people whose names are stamped in the precious metals.

Today Uberkate has expanded into the American and United Kingdom markets with its range of personalised jewellery for women, men, children and babies attracting a cult following around the world.

All Uberkate pieces are handcrafted so no two pieces are the same and are made using only the finest precious metals in the Uberkate design studio in Sydney, Australia